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Where there's a problem, there's a solution.

We've created a few products to repair or enhance the Td5 engine, sourcing OEM or increased strength components. We are working to expand the range, see below for the current parts.

These parts are currently available from selected stockists.

Current Products

The Td5 Fuel Pressure Regulator is common for failing and leaking, leaving diesel on your drive and all over the back of the engine/gearbox. We have created a repair kit (RALFPR) with an OE Bosch regulator, and complete with OEM gaskets and Viton o-rings, unlike many of the kits found on eBay.


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The Td5 exhaust manifold is prone to warping, and snapping the M8 head studs in the process. To help prevent this from occurring, or occurring again, we have created a kit consisting of custom engineered 8.8 high tensile studs and copper flashed nuts, with stainless steel spacers to help absorb the heat and expansion. These are available as a kit on their own (RALMSK6) or as a full kit with OEM gaskets and turbo/downpipe nuts for a full overhaul (RALMSK8). This is a must on tuned engines especially when running variable geometry turbochargers.

The kit is also be available with a skimmed/dewebbed original LR manifold from one of our stockists.


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Coloured bolt kits for the Td5 engine, ideal for show vehicles and performance engines to give a truly customised look. They are stainless steel A2-70 rated bolts available in 6 colours (red, green, blue, black, and copper, brass) and comes as different kits covering the top end of the engine.

This product is under development




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